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We strive to make sure that pupils improve until they gain a higher intellectual position in their class.

About Us

We are a referral/consultation service that are geared towards helping families with children who are struggling in their education. We pride ourselves in our connection to private/corporate companies who offer the most affordable educational services. We are basically here to help your children reach their fullest potential and catapult them into their great destinies.

Online Tutoring referral service where you can get 32 hours a month of lessons in Maths, English and basic sciences for as low as £85 a month.

Our Services

We offer connection to the most affordable online tutoring/mentoring and also can help support your child with a package educational care plan that will help them target their highest potentials. We offer connections to 11plus/GCSE and A-Level preparation classes. Specialist online tutoring for children aged 4-16yrs from the comfort of your own home.

We offer training for clients who are preparing for international examinations such as (SAT) and have an extensive training range to support the process and completion of these exams.We also cater to students from all over the world in support of the international educational challenges faced in their various countries.

We run classes during the holiday periods and offer a wide range of flexible timings

All services provided by our wonderful tutors are geared towards noticible academical progress

We strive to make sure that pupils improve until they gain a higher intellectual position in their class.

Weekly reports will be sent on your child’s educational progression during class.

Access to tutors for help and support in areas concerning your child’s learning will be made readily available

Mentoring and coaching services are also available to pupils on request.

Our Mission

We aim to extend a helping hand to families who are struggling with their children’s education and support them until we receive a good report from their school on their work performance.

Let’s Learn Together!

We offer referrals to the best affordable Tutoring/Mentoring and Online Homework Services and support parents with all tools necessary.

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"I am extremely happy I signed my son up to the tutor service, I have seen immense progress since he has started. The tutors care by building relationships with the children which I notice makes them more responsive to the tutors. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to see a positive change in their child’s educational capabilities. I have signed my second son up who is younger as I believe I’d see the same changes that I’ve seen in my first."


22 May 2021

"I'm giving 5 ? because my son has been attending this online class since he was in year 5 and now going to year 7, and he has improved so much in his education. Enrydvyne is such a very safe and friendly (online) atmosphere for learning. This online tutorial is a live saving one and very affordable. I definitely recommend this if your child is struggling with his/her learning or lacking behind in classroom. Or you need extra lessons for exams. This is the best option for you. The tutors are very good and can go extra mile to help you and or your child. Thank you Enrydvyne ?keep the good work up."


19 May 2021

"My daughter is happy with her tutor and getting better at her maths"


15 May 2021

"Enrydvyne as helped my children both girl and boy in a fantastic way that I can not imagine, my boy that never loved to read book and always cause trouble at school is now doing well both at school and home, he now loves to read and always eager to do his homework which as never happened before. I am indeed grateful for the opportunity, it was boring to him initially, he begged Daddy many times to stop him from attending the zoom lessons but now he always looked forward for lessons time. Thank you so much everyone involved in my children achievement"


15 May 2021

"Enrydvyne provide a service that is personal to my child, encouraging her to reach her full potential academically, while having a caring relationship with my daughter. She has become more outgoing and confident while learning which has also been noticed by her teachers."

Jemma Singh

14 May 2021

"Excellent Tuition service. My children enjoy their classes and they are making progress."


14 May 2021

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